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Re not going to be like your grandpa and take it from a young age. Ll grow up hearing tales from the old timers about how I helped the Federation stop the Fedaykin menace and how I saved Woban Island from those big scary Grendel beasties that roamed the island. In response to your grandstanding, several of the other Shadow Guard rush over to you and all bow to you. Some of them even kiss you on the cheek. You say walking away and looking at the rest. So, what brings you to the Delantium Kingdom anyway. We just heard about it and figured we should go see it for ourselves. Ve got more than enough supplies to last a long time. T expect them to move all the time when they have a peaceful life. At this point you walk away a bit and the Shadow Guard that came with you follows you. The male Shadow Guard follows after you. When you exit the temple, you see several ECS soldiers milling about. This place is under Imperial control, get your affairs in order and get out. One of them shouts causing a few of the ECS to speak up in protest. T you ECS members have a proper commander here or are you just doing your duty. M sure you do whatever duty dictates, but since when is it proper to just do our duty. You just glare at all of them while walking towards the exit. One of the ECS soldiers finally speaks again.

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