Blac Chyna Threatened With Lawsuit After Calling Woman Liar Over Affair Allegations

Rob Kardashian’s former fiancee is warned by the woman, who accused her of sleeping with a married man, not to persist with her slandering following denial over the affair allegations.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna has been threatened with a lawsuit. A woman, who claimed her husband cheated with the TV personality, warned the star after the video vixen accused the woman of PR stunt following the affair accusations.

“@blacchyna the next time you call me a liar again, I will be the one filing a lawsuit for defamation of character,” the woman tagged Rob Kardashian‘s former fiancee on her newer Instagram Story.

She also fired back, “Publicity? Girl why in the hell would it be good for me that my husband is sleeping with you.”

She was preparing to show evidences of Chyna’s misconducts if the star continued to defame her, “The next time you try and call me a liar again or assassinate my character again, I will be dropping all receipts all text messages between you and my husband and phone call and text between me and you.”

She wrote in another angry message, “I happily said you can have MY husband after I seen the text messages between you and him talking about you love each other and him calling you his queen and you bragging about sucking his d***.”

According to the woman, Chyna split from her boyfriend due to her alleged tryst with the woman’s spouse. “That’s why your ex is mad and my husband got your Bentley back from your ex,” she claimed.

Sharing an image of Chyna getting cozy with her husband, the woman fumed, “Ain’t no business to be hugged up with a married man who you knew was married. Having him spend the night at your house nor all the inappropriate text and facetimes.”

She stressed further, “IF YOU OR my husband speak publicly about ME again or disrespect my daughter again while you on live with him laughing at him denying her … it’s UP.”

Blac Chyna previously insisted her relationship with the woman’s husband was strictly professional. She accused the woman of smear campaign.

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