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Lips is a slightly warm-toned, medium-dark purple with a satin finish. Bite Lips You never really thought of that. Bite Amuse Bouche Meringue You never really thought of that. Bite Lipstick Comfort Bouche you never thought of that. T as good as this, but the rest are definitely good enough for you, so you decide to stick with just the good things. T going to be as successful in your real goal of becoming a master mage, which apparently your mother is planning on pursuing. Re going to have to put in as much time as possible to get better. You wake up several hours after you fell asleep. The sun is rising up behind the blue sky with a bright glow. You feel a little cold, though your body is also feeling some discomfort and this could be from the ice you were wrapped in. Re guessing in any case, its better than being frozen solid. You stand up and stretch your sore muscles to see if you feel any difference in your strength. S one reason for your improved condition. Ve probably used up all your magic items. Even though there are so many of them, the sooner you sell them all, the sooner you can at least get money to pay for some food and a bed in a nearby inn. T really feel like going out and fighting that was going on with the undead. Re probably going to need to find some less dangerous way of making money.

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