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Plus it helps smooth dry or oily skin. The lips with the Lip Pencil will make your life easier. Just as you arrive at the airport the next day you realise you need to buy a new tube too. So you head down to the chemist and buy a tube – youre pretty sure youve got a lot left in it anyway so you dont feel the need to buy a whole new tube every time. You buy the tube and head back up to the check-in desk. You havent slept for the last 24 hours but are ready to go. You check your time and see that its really not evening yet so you can just board the plane with the tube in your hands. The first flight out has just landed and your flight has just left the gate. You phone your friend at work and tell her to book you a flight. The next flight out is leaving soon after and youll be able to check-in at the hotel, take the train back to London and then get back home for dinner so youll be ready to go by the time you get up. She asks where she should go and you tell her to book a table at the latest one that opens up next. You have to be careful with that one though, There are a bunch of other hotels in London that are about the same price as this one. You head to the phone and book your flight. Theres just a couple of more hours to go so you need to be here before then. The next flight leaves for London and its boarding soon after. You make your way to the gate where you catch the train which gets you right to the hotel. You enter the room and are about to check in when the concierge waves you over to a desk nearby. She quickly takes your bag away from you and hands you a small stack of papers and a pen. Im sorry, this desk is not accepting reservations like the last one did.

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