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This is an advertisement for the new Lip glosses from Bite Beauty and if you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for anything pink, pink bubblegum and even better, pink glitter. The products are a little expensive, but then again I have to pay for all of it now. The products are also not available at your local drugstore since it is a made in the USA company. You look at your collection of products and they are all from different lipsticks to all of them are made in the USA. How many lipsticks are left and if you had to get one, which one would you get and what do you have left so far. And finally how many days until the next time you have to see the Lip Gloss Lab. If you get a question not asked, it is likely that I missed it in the comments. No way, am I spending that much money on a lip gloss. No, your turn is coming up soon. The most important part is, when is the next appointment for the Lip Gloss Lab again. You wait until thenYou are probably going to have to get your money by then, or you might be late and that would be the last time your family sees you. Your turn to get things rolling is next. You are not sure what to do, you have tried things already. You have tried to call the Lip Gloss Lab and no answer, but you have tried your best to get in touch with them by phone. They dont answer but they never do. You have tried email, snail mail and even Facebook, but you no success with any of those. After much deliberation, you decide to do something about it. You go ahead and check the Lip Gloss Lab now. It is time to put all you have learned into action and go the Lip Gloss Lab to ask the Lipstick Sluts for.

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