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You see, they even made two of these lipsticks for the same sign. The lips are already on your face so there is no point. You are left with the image of the lips of your deceased love. Your lips are blackened and chapped and your tongue is already gone. You feel a terrible sense of loss, like you have to make a decision. And if you die, will it be in the arms of the one you love and make love again as you did before this world was destroyed. You cant let go, you need to surviveAs soon as you take them out of the box, you start to think about the future. You are the only one who can solve this problem for you. You hold it up to the light and put it on and you put it on and you put it on and the blackness starts to peel back and you see a red diamond. And as the light shines all over it you can tell where Aries is. Re not even going to think about the lipsticks. You look at Aries and you see it, the red diamond. It feels wronger than anything that ever existed. You cry out, as your hands grasp at nothing. You shout again as you turn to run out of the room and then something hits you in the back of the head and knocks you to.

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