Birth of the beauty

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At the end of episode 23:Xeligos del, Hidalgo del, Garcia, Rafaelle. You continue watching the videoSatisfied that the video youve just watched has gotten the point across and has given you a good laugh, you continue to your destination. You sit down on the floor and open the door. You quickly walk towards the door to your trailer and unlock it. The room is dark, apart from one light source thats glowing red, which you turn off and a single fluorescent bulb. You sit on the edge of your bed and look at a clock on the wall. Theres a small table in the corner of the room with a coffee grinder and a few empty bottles. You look around the room a bit, but nothing looks out of place. You take a sip of your coffee and then slowly approach the door and peek out to see if anyone may be sneaking up on you. After a few seconds, you hear the clacking of boots behind you. You turn around and see a pair of large, angry amber eyes staring back at you. Shes dressed in a black skirt and black tights and carries a large, black pistol thats wrapped in a black leather strap. She looks around, but hasnt spotted you yet. You walk over to the table and sit down and take off your shirt. You take out your phone, open the video app and see that you have no problems watching the video. You notice that the video quality is low and there are a lot of cracks in it, but the video still gives you a good laugh. You sure you want to watch this, sweetheart. In the meantime, you wont be getting much sleep. You look at the dog-like creature and lean back in your chair. We found each other on the internet a few years back. Weve been talking a lot over the past few days, but tonight is the night. The female dog-like creature turns to you and smiles.

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