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It has become a mainstay for the newly emerged beauty market. The beauty industry continues, growing at a very fast rate. The Beauty Business The Beauty BusinessA Report from the Beauty-Industrial complexby Editedit OverviewThe beauty industry has been expanding rapidly and there is much speculation that beauty will now replace fashion in the near future. The cosmetics industry is currently the top contributor to the GDP. The cosmetics industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14. In America, the cosmetics industry is the fastest-growing, with a compound annual growth rate of 16. The cosmetics industry is one of the highest-grossing, and has the biggest consumer base. 3 of GDP; in terms of population it represents 1. These figures make the cosmetics industry much more competitive than other sectors. The consumer base has many different characteristics but they are primarily young people and they are very savvy about their grooming and beauty services, the study indicates. The cosmetics industry has a large and active social media market, with Facebook and other social networking sites being the largest sites. It has a variety of other media outlets and websites with beauty and skincare reviews, customer reviews and product information on sites such as Google and Yahoo. Edit SourcesThe study was compiled by:Edit View Single Pageedit Table of ContentsI know Im not the only one whos been keeping an eye on this. It just wouldnt be right to leave it all to someone else. As a result, Ive decided to get the ball rolling by contacting the local press to see if they can cover this story. Ill let you know if this is something the media is interested in. In the mean time, Ive got a few other things on my mind. -The new mission I have to take out that drug lord. -I need to get more information about this drug dealer that I saw in the desert. -In order to keep the family safe, I need to figure out how to get that girl to be in a more sympathetic mood. -And since Ive already got another man in the family, Im going to have to consider getting rid of the wife one day.

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