Bill Cosby Pisses Off High School Class Prez With Prison Release Attire

Bill Cosby needs to keep a class shirt from a Pennsylvania high school he briefly attended in the back of his closet … so says the graduating class’ president, who is super pissed.

Here’s the deal … Cosby busted out a Central High School class of 1997 shirt for a Wednesday press conference in front of his home, after he was set free from prison following an overturned conviction.

The wardrobe choice caught the eye of Dan Taraborrelli, the class president for Central’s 1997 class, who tells TMZ … the class was not happy to see Cosby wearing their shirt and they don’t want him wearing it again.

As you can see, the shirt Cosby wore has names from the entire 1997 class listed on the back … and Dan says the class is being very vocal about wanting no association or affiliation with the comedian.

Dan says only about 150 of these class shirts were made, and he doesn’t remember Cosby wearing it in the past. He’s puzzled why Cosby put it on for the press conference.

Cosby briefly attended Central High School in Philadelphia and was put in the school’s Hall of Fame despite not graduating … but he was eventually removed from the HOF in 2015 by the school’s alumni association, before he was criminally charged.

Dan says he may have given Cosby the shirt way back in 1997, when BC spoke to the graduating class at an awards assembly recognizing student achievements. He says they spoke in the principal’s office, and if he did give Cosby the shirt, he regrets it now.

Dan’s encouraging the school to tell Cosby not to rock any of their spirit wear anymore … or at least nothing from the 1997 class.

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