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Beverly Hills, Beauty, Merchant City, Glasgow.

Book Your Beauty Purchase At Beverly HillsBeauty. ComYou find one with the name of your choice on the address, though you do not see any reviews of the salon, but you are sure that there must be one somewhere about it since you are already familiar with the name. Just a few more steps and you will be in the door and then you will have to wait a few minutes until it is your turn, but that is not really something you can really worry about at the moment since you are actually trying to figure out where exactly to go to get your hair cut from now on. The salonYou decide to go to the salon on the left side. You imagine that you need to go through a couple of different doors to get there, but you can probably figure out which ones are the right ones by just looking for the large sign posted on the wall. You push the small handle to open the door for the first time to a familiar yet slightly creepy atmosphere. An old man with a goatee and side parting his hair asks. I am Elios and I will be your hair stylist today. Do not worry for I am very experienced in the field of hair care. Despite this somewhat intimidating greeting, Elios and you start chit chatting since you have an unexpected free time with Elios. So, what business do you have with me, Mr. You know, get my hair cut. In fact I would be happy to do that for you, sir. Elios says excitedly while looking around for a customer. Then a little voice from behind you sounds. You turn around with surprise to see your brother. With these words, your brother walks away. Elios must have some sort of magic to make hair cuts so short. You stand up, groggily brushing your dreary hair. Suddenly a little red fox comes in through the door.

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