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You go to the T-RexYou remember reading an article about you in the L. You read it with a mixture of bemusement and amusement, a mixture that lasted for about an hour after you opened the front page. Los Angeles Times Article, You mutter under your breath, taking the newspaper out of your car. It is a week late, and though you are a little tired, you feel that it is still somehow more important than your responsibilities at your job. You continueYou drive to the T-Rex, and you find it quite a bit easier to park your car in front of the motel, even though it is a little tricky to get out of the car before you are greeted with the sight of the door, which is slightly ajar, and a sign on a pole, which reads, T-REX. The motel is indeed very cheap, as you remember that you spent several dollars on a single round of drinks in a cheap bar on the way in. You dont think you will need to go out that night, but if you do, you are going to be so much richer. At this point you decide to just walk around the motel a bit and look at the rooms, as there are no other places to look. You see some pretty young and pretty old people, though the women look much younger than the men. The men seem to be the ones in charge, which gives you a slight sense of unease. They also seem to be drinking a lot more than the women. You walk out of the motel and find that there is a large fountain in the central foyer. It is very busy with people, going from one place to another, but still, there are only a few empty seats. At the edge of the fountain, you see several people, all of whom are staring at you. Hi, You say, not knowing why everyone is staring at you. You say No, Im not even from this city. You walk around them a bit, still not knowing what to expect. Some of them say something inane or awkward or friendly, but most dont. You cant even tell if they are staring at you because you are a woman, or a good-looking man. Finally, you spot an older guy, standing at a corner talking to a young woman. The girl looks bored and is ignoring the man, which makes him wonder what to say next. Im sorry, but I cant help but notice that you are ignoring me.

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