Best in Beauty Awards 2016: The full winners list…

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After years of hard work by some of the best designers, the judges have selected the best of 2016.

Beauty target-blankThe Beauty Awards, TBA 2016, You get up to check if you have seen your daughter, and you see the police cars. You can hear the sirens, and your heart is pounding a bit, but you dont have much time to dwell on it. You head down to the police station You get in your car, and then turn off the alarm, before opening the door of the station. The place is a mess, with blood on the floor and walls, posters all over the walls with names and photos of the dead, and a huge bloody cut in the roof. A large piece of wood has been nailed to it, as a makeshift wall. The police stand outside, talking to each other as they stand around a huge mess room with tables in the middle of the room. You dont know what happened, but you do know that people are dead. The police officers seem to just stand around, chatting to each other. You approach one of them, who looks at you. You dont know why you do, but you feel compelled to do so, and you think you have to. Mary So, you found out where my daughter is. She was last seen in the hospital, but shes been found dead as well, of what manner of cause is unknown. You lie I dont know, I saw a television report about her death. I dont know whats happened, but I think you have to talk to the police. Do I need to go through the procedure again of questioning you then arresting you. The cop will arrest you if I dont talk He nods, and you see that he is angry, so you nod back. I had to, shes my wife, she died, I had to do something. Id appreciate it if you could help me at least, sir. You leave You quickly leave the station. You are just out of the station when you hear police sirens, theyve found a body, and a corpse. You cant get back in, and theres too much police surrounding. You listen to the police radio, or some signal, and get a message from the police You pull your phone out of your pocket. You scroll through messages, and see that theres a message from the police, asking you to come.

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