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They are all all worth much more than the coin theyre being offered. A good actor will always be worth more, but a nice guy whos nice will always be worth more as well. The question isnt whether a man is nice, but if hes worth more than a woman who is nice. In short, a man must take into account his gender and his intelligence, and his attractiveness and his looks, when seeking out a partner. You cant take into consideration what a person looks like and what sort of job a person has; these shouldnt be taken into consideration at all. The only thing that matters is that they have talent, be attractive, be smart, and be of high enough social standing in the community to get what they want in life. I could give much more detail in describing each of these things, but as I said, this entire guide is only really useful if you use it as a guide and not as a checklist, which I think youll find to be counterproductive You go for the one who is attractive, but with no talent, intelligence or good looksAh, now I get it. Good job, but no way am I being the one to go for a woman that is unattractive, but who I feel has talent and good looks. I think Ill go back to playing games with the more difficult tasks. Or rather, I already have and am just not taking the time to get around to it. You head to one of the nearest banks, but the one closest to your house is closed, so you head to the closest one in your town. The bank you go to is a pretty small building with no teller windows, which looks like every other building in your town. You notice a couple of the tellers are there, but they are both men. As you approach the door, you notice you know at least one of the tellers. Do you know why the bank is closed. I mean we get the occasional thief or worse, but most of the time you can get in and out in a few minutes. So is there something I can do to help. You enter the bank and see the teller on his phone.

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