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You do tend to talk a lot, but you need to choose whether you want to be the talker or the doer. And you need to do more than just talk. You will never get the likes and numbers that you want from the media. Even if you started your own radio show and you were successful in that manner you wouldnt be a celebrity because you arent famous and you never will be. You are the last one and you will do what you will do. You sigh and start your walk out of the park. Your feet are tired from your walk and your mind is tired from thinking about your problems. You sit down at your new office and start writing. You are glad that you took the week off from your work. In the last week there have been a few attempts by some of the new people that have been hired the most recent of which being an old coworker of your. This coworker was the one that helped you on your first deal and you werent sure what to think about her when you heard about her. She didnt seem like the type of person that likes to make friends. Shes the best coworker Ive ever had, youre going to say, but you stop yourself and instead say Shes the only one that made my first deal. The deal that got me my first big contract after I was with my current employer for two years. You worked on a deal like that for two years. Yeah, I worked really hard on it, but nothing ever happened and I lost interest and quit after about a year. Wow, I didnt think that such a big deal could happen to a deal like that, but maybe youre right. You get up to move the chair away from you as you say, What are you going to do as far as your other plans. Well, Im going to go and see the GZS office. I should get started on the contract that Im going to have to sign, or at least the rough draft of it. Well, you should sign it and then come back for me, Im going to get the final.

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