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So what is really going on with Best and Nicole now. A lot of guys aresaying they have gotten over Best and that their girlfriends are just girlfriends. Isnt that just a man pretending to be a girl or a couple pretending to be a couple. Shes making a lot of guys think shes them. And if thats the case, then whos making a lot of guys think shes them and then lying to them about it. It just doesnt make sense, a woman wouldnt lie about anything. Its not like shes out to get us anyway. If shes a man it means that she was in love with me and that she was a woman who had her gender reassignment surgery and that it was successful. So she has breasts, but is still a guy with a dick. Or was just a guy with a dick who did something stupid and got them removed. Well know its her the moment she starts acting the same way to us. I dont care how much she loves me as a guy, Ill find out soon. And that night will be the day she cheats on me with some other guy. Even if she does have the surgery I still wont believe her. Maybe Im a bit too close-minded to accept it, but when I look in her eyes, I see a woman. Her face and figure are a womans face, her body a womans body. Theyre like the difference between a man and a boy. A man could look at my daughter and fuck her without thinking about anything. A man could look at Best and have a complete different opinion on her. A man could fuck a woman that wasnt his wife and not even think about it. A man wouldnt even want to know what was inside her body. But that didnt happen with me and my wife in bed together. I love my wife and Im married, but I cant get an erection when I look at Bests body. I just see something that looks like a mans, but isnt. The very moment she saw me and thought I was a man, her subconscious made her perception of me a man. The very moment I woke up and thought she was a woman, her perception of her gender changed. The very moment Best started having a crush on her, her gender changed.

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