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In the United States alone, over 50,000 people die each year from gun violence. In Canada, from 2004 to 2010, there were three gun-related homicides that resulted in the death of four people, three of them women. This is not a partisan issue; on both sides of the border, firearms are one of the leading causes of death due to violent crime. In the United States, the gun lobby is spending millions of dollars in an effort to prevent any kind of meaningful regulation on the right to bear arms. But that doesnt mean the NRA will accept anything that will limit the freedom to shoot as long as its in the name of public safety. The only way to keep your guns is to take their threats seriously and take the steps to make yourself a viable threat to them. These are ten of the ways to become a legitimate threat to the gun lobby. In fact, read everything you can get your hands on that relates to firearms for at least three years. The more you know, the better equipped you are to stand up to them. You dont have to read anything now, but you better read something, because theyre probably going to come after your firearms like theyve already come after yours. As long as you continue to keep up your research, youre only going to get tougher. Youve already got the money to get your education paid for, youve got the determination to push yourself. 3, Dont be afraid to use direct action. If you have to pick between a gun and a peaceful way of doing things, the peaceful way will always win because its much more secure. In fact, if you arent willing to take that risk and fight with all of your might, what youre really doing is committing political suicide. If you value your life, you need to be willing to stand up to the NRA and their propaganda. 4, Support anyone you feel is doing the right thing for your Second Amendment rights. This is the time to stand up for your rights, to make yourself feel like you matter and more importantly to show the world that youve got real backbone. 5, Know when you have to use physical violence. This is obviously going to be an ongoing process until the NRA is brought down, but its a good idea to start putting this threat to their collective heads. Theyre going to get more desperate and theyre going to need to know that violence is the answer. They know that its the only way that the public will be able to fight back properly, and that means that you need to have the greatest possible influence on what theyre saying and posting on the Internet.

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