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The Best Beauty blogs on the Internet Are All Here And Always Will Be Beauty Bloggers Are The Girls Of Your Future And You Cant Get Enough Of Them. How To Keep Up With The Best Beauty Blogs On The InternetIll let these girls themselves show you how to do it so you dont even have to ask. Beauty Blogs Are The New Gone Gross Beauty Bloggers Are The Best Blogs. The Beauty Blogosphere Is An Inward-Looking, Insecure, Boring, Awkward And Ugly Community. Ive said it on more than one occasion: I fucking hate the beauty blogging world. I love makeup and dont give a shits about trends, trends change, the new beauty game is a game of experimentation. No one else does it, and that makes me mad. Now when I say that, I really mean it because when most of these girls are getting ready to put out their next beauty tutorial, I dont think theyre really thinking about how it will be received, what it will do to their social status or how it will help them get more followers. Theres nothing more to them than a bunch of 15 year old girls trying to feel good about themselves. I hate the fact that these bloggers act like theyre self-made stars when all theyre doing is sitting in their bedrooms and practicing their makeup skills.

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