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Chtest, men werden mit an der Kriege mit der Kriege mit den der Kriege. The new clothes that he brought with him are not much to speak of. But they seem very dear, too; and the gold ring on his finger is the same as the one he used to wear on his finger when he was a king. The golden sun on the roof looks very enchanting. The trees in the distance seem to be whispering something in his ear. The birds flying around him look like little angels. Suddenly, his eyes open wide and he starts up. Ah, my dear wife, he says, his voice quivering. The next day, you and your two children go to see him. Your daughters ear is bleeding badly and you are afraid to speak to her. You do not want to know anything, and you do not want to see him at all. You say to yourself: No, no, I cant tell you what to do. However, if you are quiet you can look at the manYou leave him and do not wish to look at him again. Chapter 3: A New BeginningWhen you see him in the evening, he is looking down from the castle at the river. A little bird flies in front of his face and as you are standing on the road you are able to look into his eyes. In them you see his eyes full of tears and sorrow. He is holding an old map which he is evidently afraid to read. His fingers are like long, black claws, one of those he saw on the wall of the carriage. He looks up at you with his brown eyes and he seems to be suffering a kind of panic. He looks at you for the first time, looking very sad. If you want me to go back to the castle, tell me what you intend to do there. Will you help me, my dear wife. You really should go back to the castle.

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