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They have been taking my business for years with no end in sight, But you have suddenly appeared, to save me from this sad fate. You seem so happy that you cant even stand the thought that I am even living. I have made my choice to live the short and miserable life of a prostitute, and I am here to help you. I have been there for YOU for years, and therefor I will help you again. I will treat you all like a friend, and you can treat me like one. If your sex life is that boring, I will have fun with you. If you want a few years of fun and excitement, this is the salon for you. You have nothing to lose, You have everything to gain. You are going to have a very fun time here. He motions for a girl to help him and you see his hand gesture to help. You head into the small room, which looks to be very well lit, and as you look around, you see a variety of hair cuts and hair products to choose from. You also see a man and woman taking a break and they both seem to watch you curiously. S happy to help, but this salon is a one time only deal and he wants to make sure that you like your experience. He goes on to compliment you on your outfit telling you that your jeans are very pretty on you. Re a little taken back by this, because as a regular at the Nalin Inn, the guy seemed a little out of breath. You were actually expecting the man to just stop you before you were let in. Re walking into the salon, the man tells you that you just need to sit back and relax and that there are a variety of different services for you to try.

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