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Belle: Id love to see a Beast movie. The Beast: Alright, Ill be careful, just make a damn mess of my mansion, dont kill me. Belle:, Sigh, Ill SEE you in the fire. You make it so the Beast has no choice but to see the Beast in the flames. In the first two installments of the Beast franchise, the Beast was able to escape from anything that had a chance at capturing him. With a few small alterations, this means that killing the Beast would effectively be the end of the Beast. Hed be caught, and then the authorities would be called in, if not to capture him, then to burn down whats left of his mansion. Belle: Im saying that Belle doesnt want to see you burned to a crisp, the Beast. The Beast: Belle, I said this isnt an option to you. This is a choice that, frankly, youre just going to have to accept. I hunt for girls with no moral codes, girls who are just happy to see me every now and then to see if Ive come around, and most of the time I have, but I also get caught and made to suffer the humiliation of being locked in and left for hours. I feel like Im doing the world a favor by keeping my powers hidden at all times. And there are times where the act is just too much fun to just forget about my responsibilities and just enjoy myself. If you and everyone you know and love is killed, maybe Ill have the sense to realize that and find a way to at least keep that from happening. You dont want me to be able to go around burning people. I know you love me and all, but if Im not getting out of this alive, then its all coming out. The Beast: You dont like the way I do or think, so youve got a problem with who I am. We might get along fine, but I am my instincts and my desires. If you dont like the way Im going about things, then you should find yourself a new partner. Now you make a really good point, but even if that was the case, Im not really asking you to get me killed for it.

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