Belle is a fictional character in Walt Disney Pictures 30th animated feature …

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The one thing you think is youre gonna have to do something more than that though. This isnt something youre really looking forward to doing. You go to sleepYou lay on the grass and stare up at the sky. You think about home again as you do, your head and heart pounding and your stomach doing somersaults. You close your eyes and wait for the tears to stop. You know theyre back, and theyre in good hands. When you open your eyes, youre not really sure whats in front of you. All you see are three black clouds drifting through the sky. You also see the moon, which is red right now, but will probably turn to a bloody black by the time you wake up in a few hours. Youre lying on the ground, with a black hood over your head, with three shadowy figures crouched behind you. Theyre a lot taller than you, and their faces are shrouded in darkness. You dont see anything else save for the three of them slowly circling you. Theyre also dressed in black, and you realize theyre holding a cross, but its not on you to respond. You turn your head to see the figure looming over you. She steps forward and tackles you to the ground, before you can do anything. You open your eyes to see a tall figure with a scarf covering its mouth and a hooded cloak covering its head standing over you. Its not Father Christmas, though the figure smiles when it sees you. The figure reaches out a hand and touches your face. You need to wake up, or these creatures are going to eat you. And Im going to make sure you wake up. Father Christmas asks, as you begin to open your eyes. Dont really know what came over you.

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