Bella Thorne: I Basically Invented OnlyFans! Everyone’s Copying Me!

Bella Thorne continues to lure OnlyFans subscribers to her page even after her huge missteps earlier this year.

But claiming that she all but invented OnlyFans and everyone else is following in her footsteps is getting people angry all over again.

“Everyone jumping on OnlyFans,” Bella Thorne accused in her Instagram Stories this week.

“But,” she remarked, “I took the hit for doing it first, cool.”

As you can imagine, people have a whole heck of a lot to say about that … but Bella isn’t done.

“Legit everyone in my news feed following my footsteps,” Bella asserted in a follow-up post along with an eyeroll.

Now, it is possible that this is genuinely how she perceives things.

But her “trendsetter” narrative may have a very different explanation.

If by “first” she means celebrities … she’s still not the first. Pretty sure that RHONY alum Dorinda Medley had her beat by two and a half years.

It may be that within Bella’s youthful celeb social circle, she is the first to bring her brand to OnlyFans.

Certainly, her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey signing up for OnlyFans came after Bella’s success.

It is more than possible that the publicity that Bella garnered for all but breaking the site encouraged others, especially other young famous hotties, to join.

But there are two problems with claiming that she started this trend.

One, that she caused a lot of problems when she signed up. Two, that she may not be aware of this, but there are people who are not celebrities who exist, and some of them are on OnlyFans.

First up, the problems.

The way that OnlyFans works, you pay a monthly subscription — one set by the creator, a portion of which goes to OnlyFans itself.

Additionally, there are tips paid to creators and there is purchaseable content, where a set of photos and/or videos can be accessed for a one-time fee.

So what did Bella do? She offered a very pricey content pack that claimed to contain what her regular OnlyFans content does not: true nudity.

(That’s right, not all OnlyFans stars are actually naked. You can find relatively tame lingerie pics on the site or you can find full-length threesome videos, depending upon who’s posting)

She was not actually nude in the package. And that’s where the trouble began.

Countless outraged buyers demanded refunds from OnlyFans after Bella’s bait-and-switch act.

(No one is obligated to be naked, on OnlyFans or elsewhere, but pretending that you’re nude to sell non-nude content seems … not good)

As a response, OnlyFans placed hard limits on how much fans could tip at a time and on how much they could spend buying any individual piece of content … and creators were devastated.

See, most of the people on OnlyFans aren’t millionaire celebrities, but people who do it as a job, or as supplemental income.

This is extremely vital in 2020, as OnlyFans is a path to money without leaving the house and exposing yourself or your loved ones to COVID-19.

So when there are suddenly strict transaction limits, creators are suddenly getting less money less quickly. 

Imagine if your weekly paycheck became monthly over night, in the middle of the month. That’s what basically happened to countless people.

To her credit, Bella promised to talk to OnlyFans about the changes and offered to promote sex workers impacted by the new policies.

To her discredit, sex workers who tried to take her up on her offer claim that she has not done anything of the sort.

People — especially marginalized people, such as the disabled, the trans community, and people of color — have been using OnlyFans for years.

Many more signed up this year, but that was largely due to the pandemic. Putting on a one-woman (or one-man, or one-nonbinary person) show can potentially cover a month’s groceries, or even more.

Bella claiming to have practically invented the site is not a good look, especially after all of her unintentional damage.

Bella is still promoting her OnlyFans, sometimes with unusual plugs — like saying that she might show off her back acne on the site.

A lot of features that are not usually featured in mainstream porn, from plus size bodies to disabilities, are featured on the site, creating new opportunities.

We’re sure that Bella has a lot of premium content on there, but critics say that a lot of her pics were already publicly viewable, and for free.

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