Being diagnosed with any type of cancer can be scary, but these …

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All the money raised by this fundraiser, will go to Jill Clayburgh. Her charitable donations to the Childrens BrainThis is one of the few events that have a chance to make you feel a little better. Youve got time to go to this big concert where there are going to be a bunch of famous people there. So you head off to the concert and the next morning you make you way to the concert site which is a mall. You are walking around when you see an older man sitting by a table holding a laptop. It is very boring as it is just him browsing various websites. He doesnt say anything, but you are starting to feel a little anxious. He finally comes back and sees you and looks a little annoyed. I wanted to chat for a bit, but you seemed to be busy. He says in a monotone voice, but his eyes are still looking at you. So what you doing here at the mall, if you werent here for a concert. I thought it might be nice to meet other people who are going to be here, you know. I could tell you more about who will be coming and my niece is here with her family and she wants to use your computer room. She said she will find it really exciting if you were here as she has the chance to meet so many people. And would you tell her I dont have a computer. You know you really need to get a computer. If you dont, you cant get all these cool things that you are going to encounter at the concert. He continues looking at you and smiling encouragingly while at the same time looking down at his laptop. Im not too keen on the idea of having any in the future. Yes, I have had people ask me about it on more than one occasion, but my main concern is my niece I suppose. She will be at that concert, so I want her to be able to meet as many different people as possible. She is seven years old, but Im getting worried because she doesnt get.

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