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You willYou are at a loss for words because it doesnt feel real. You dont feel like a normal girl because you have a body that is more like a womans. Your breasts have grown significantly, and they are now the size of a small mans. You have gained a few more inches in height, and your waist has shrunk to your hips. Your legs have gotten longer and your belly has shrank to its normal size. You even have a few more curves and you are now definitely feminine, if somewhat boyish looking if that makes sense. Somehow your mind has always had that little voice that was always there that was saying you were a man. That voice that you had never been able to shake and that eventually lead you here. You find yourself in a dreary looking room. The room is dimly lit as you can only assume that your parents kept it dark so they could continue to keep you a secret in it. There is a desk in the middle of the room, and sitting at it is an older gentleman in a gray suit holding a light blue folder. However, he is not looking at the desk and is instead looking at you. You see that he has gray hair as you get a little closer to his face and you see that his beard is quite long. Jacob, Im afraid I am not permitted to tell you how your mother and I have been keeping you. Jacob, do you realize what kind of situation you are in. You stand up and walk over to the desk. You have never been good at standing still. You do however recognize this man from somewhere. As the man steps back from the desk, you begin to calm down. Your mothers voice echoes in your head. I wont let you hurt my son. You shout, and then you slam your hand down on the desk and then grab him by the collar. You dont get to take advantage of me like this. You can see your mother in your minds eye as she tries to keep you safe. However, somehow, in spite of everything, she pulls through. Her voice seems so weak and lonely. Your father and Jacob look at each other and then back to you.

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