Been a while Saturday Mornings James Martin apologises for stepping away from TV role

James Martin reveals his recipe for the best mash potato

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On Monday, James Martin took to his Twitter platform to make it known that he had returned to the ITV daytime show This Morning, after an unexpected hiatus following his last appearance back in October. “I’m back! Been a while sorry but cooking twice @thismorning,” the 49-year-old tweeted to his 713,100 followers.

I’m back! Been a while sorry but cooking twice @thismorning

James Martin

The announcement of his return was met with positive reactions from fans, who seemed eager to catch James serving up his delicious recipes on their TV screens again.

One fan named @adelemmorris responded, saying: “Have you got a recipe for #glutenfree Christmas cupcakes???”

@val_jesmond continued: “I’ll catch up later James, see what yummy food you cooked today? xxx.”

The user @HeidiSpalding18 insisted that James mustn’t apologise for his break, adding: “You don’t have to apologise James ‘Busy’ Martin hope you were relaxing.”

Before his unannounced hiatus from This Morning, James suffered an embarrassing mishap during his last show when his trousers split, just moments after telling Phillip Schofield he had been overindulging on desserts recently. 

The cookbook author was bending down to take a peek inside the oven in the This Morning kitchen when he realised he had suffered a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.

“I’ve just split my trousers, I know that, bending down here! I have genuinely split my trousers,” James said. “I need to stop eating!”

Despite the unfortunate accident, he remained in great spirits as Holly Willoughby quipped: “All in the name of research.”

Back in October, James released his latest dairy-based cookbook, Butter. 

He thanked his fans on Twitter for their ongoing support, adding that the anticipation for its release had been higher than any of his other cookbooks.

“Just to let you know that we’ve had a delivery of these,” he said in the clip posted to his social media page.

“My brand new book, Butter, the publishers are really excited, we’ve had, actually, more people phone up for interviews for this book than any book I’ve ever written.

“Which says a lot, doesn’t it really?” James smiled, before adding, “in a world where people apparently don’t eat butter”.

The cookbook received some criticism from fans who complained about the the profuse amount of dairy-based recipes, with some asking James to drop another book for those who don’t like to add butter to their food. 

“Can you do recipes for those of us who hate butter? #please”, @Wigangolfer said.

Another Twitter user, @chezdon1997, argued that people looking to try out the recipes were ultimately at risk of “getting fat”.

They wrote: “Getting fat is not on.”

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