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But still, youre not quite sure why all this is bothering you so much. You dont really get to go out much anymore, except on holidays when your parents might be away. So why is this man you know so well so obsessed with the internet. You were just browsing and you were actually surprised you werent bombarded with random comments you didnt care about just like that. You were about to close your browser tab when you felt someone take notice of you and then another person with a microphone asking you for an interview. You say Nah, Ive seen the videos on my own and theyre quite boring. You dont have anything to hide and youve already heard too much shit from other people as it is. Besides, the man is probably just being nice and you dont have to answer them. You nod and start pressing okay on the microphone. The screen turns black and then the screen fades to gray, a few seconds later the music stops and the screen displays:You are the subject of a popular YouTube video. You have been dating for two months and already have a relationship that includes a lot of fun. You look up from your food when you notice the camera. He stands in the corner watching you both with an expression on his face you havent seen before. Your girlfriend looks concerned and she begins speaking. You look a little paleNah, its just been a busy day. It really isnt that badYeah, it really isntThe woman in the corner of the cafe smiles at you and touches your hand. You look at her and you realize what she just said. You immediately begin to feel scared and nervous. The woman begins to speak to you more and you begin to realize that you are about to be interviewed. The video ends as you are shown walking from the cafe to a car leaving. You are shown to my car and the driver is listening intently as he drives you somewhere. You are driven to an abandoned office building in the middle of the city. The driver drives you somewhere and the music begins. Youre not the first person to get interviewed and your comments will most likely be edited, but it will be interesting to see how different it is to live on your own. Youre not just some regular young person anymore, but rather someone who experiences new feelings and experiences each new day for the first time.

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