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Ve been thinking about stuff that happened long after the fact. Re thinking about things other than work right now. S been some time since you did that. You begin talking to the radio as you drive and find in the back of your mind is a voice. Ve had to block out of your head every now and then throughout your life. You always were a little too quick to judge, beauty world. You stop your car in front of Beauty World which is still closed for business. You start walking up to the store entrance. S the same voice that spoke to you in the beginning. M telling you Beauty World, you need to let me in. Re not going anywhere until you let me in. You can get inside and talk to me in the foyer. Just come over and start talking with me. Re just going to keep killing you the whole fucking time until you go away. I mean I can help you and all, but why not just open up your damn store. S not like anyone from outside is gonna know any better.

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