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I had no idea that there was one in the statecity you were writing to me from. You hang up, and then remember that you cant just stop writing to the guy, because what you write now will be read and that will be one more step that the other person has to make. You arent even getting anything out of this; hes just going to keep replying to you, maybe even more than once if you bother responding more than you should, and he might be a bit crazy, but then so am I and so is anyone, and it would be better that the person youre writing to died than live with the mental illness that causes them to ignore you in the first place. Its a good thing you didnt reply when I asked for a name because I really dont have one right now. This is so much easier than you thought it would be. You have to scroll down a few pages to even see the actual name, and then it loads again with your email address. You press the return key, and then a pop-up window opens up:Dear name,You have been added as a friend. As a friend, you have my gratitude that we have been able to connect. If you have time, I encourage you to visit me at the address you have been given, the same address you used to write to me, which I hope you will find to be as familiar as possible. This email is just a way for this guy to keep you as a potential friend even if you dont actually want one. You dont deserve to have someone keep a watchful eye on you.

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