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The editorials begin with some information on the many different types of hair that exist in the world and how much men are obsessed with hair. One example is hair found on the heads of women and men, like the ones on your daughters head. More hair is mentioned, and one of the editors says the reason men are so interested in hair is because its a signal of fertility. The hair on your daughters head is not fertile, but the hair on your neighbors head that is is. The idea seems to be that men need to have as much of the hair on their bodies as possible to signal that they are fertile and thus fertile men should be grooming themselves. The editor then goes on to say that The hair doesnt just grow on the head because some men are short and others are tall. Some mens hair grows a lot on the crown of their head because thats their penis, or because its a sign of power or youth or whatever, he says. Some mens hair grows a lot on the sides of their head because thats areas that are warm, or regions that they like the smell of, or areas where they would enjoy rubbing their genitals on. Other mens hair grows a lot on the back of their head simply because its their balls. The editor concludes with the fact that the hair on the head is the most important, because if it grows on the wrong areas, it will prevent a man from being fertile. Another section of the magazine is devoted to makeup techniques and hair styles which include what it means to have natural looks, makeup like a goddess, and even a hair style which is called the Pizza Hair and is created by spreading a thin layer of hair into a pyramid shape. This seems to be some really basic, but completely mind boggling information. The editor then goes on to say that A beauty look that is based on a lot of colors is also very popular right now, so this style is perfect for you. If youre really looking for the best makeup ideas for the new year, weve got them, the editor says. The editor then suggests some of the more unconventional, and some of the more familiar, makeup styles including eye shadow that appears to be made of hair and makeup that appears to be made of dirt.

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