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So always try to look presentable when you go out. You ask the woman who is now making a sexual remark at you. M saving you the bother of having to change your underwear. M even more lucky that your dad was right about how beautiful you are. M not looking for any particular guy. You shake your head and look up at the ceiling. The woman smirks and pulls out a small notebook. M not wasting my time by writing you a love letter. Re very lucky to have a man as talented as me here. And by the way, why are you pulling your underwear down. S going to send you her next story and when it will be in your magazine. However, you do hear the occasional line in between which you can listen to later. Ll be going into hiding right away. You have no idea what to do about your cat, who apparently had his own adventure and escaped again. He has been taking a nap under your bed. You spend the rest of the time trying to calm down, then finally you go into my old room hoping my cat is sleeping there. As you walk in, your cat scurries out of your room and sees.

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