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All of my clients are salons, and they all know about my hair care products, so Im sure you dont need to say it. This is going to be a lot of work, but Im sure with my help you will see a tremendous increase in the length, thickness and even the color of your hair. I will even give you some tips on how to keep the natural condition of your hair after youve been using my products for a few weeks. I can even give you some samples of products I think would give you that extra little something extra. Now, I have to go now, but I will give you an order number, which is the same one that was on your receipt. You pause and think about the offer, but you can see that Lace Front Wigs is going to have a lot to learn about your hair care practices before it can begin to help you. Still, you arent really looking for the money right nowyou just dont know enough about these new products, and youre just hoping that Lace Front Wigs can help you. You can feel the little gray wisps of hair that have been sitting in your head for weeks beginning to feel less like a burden and more like a source of pride. You begin to wonder if buying a new hair product isnt worth the time this week. You leave Im not going to put my money in some random online store. Would you accompany me to him in his office until I get there. I want to do it properly, like a woman, not like a customer. I cant guarantee where well go next, but I can promise that well go to the right place, that itll be worth your time, and that your new hair will be even better than it was before. Im sure Lace Front Wigs will love to have you. You walk a bit behind the host, feeling a little concerned about the unfamiliarity of the locales. He leads you to the office, and once inside he leads you to the right, while you follow behind and stay to the side. Youre in a large, comfortable office, with an open desk. Theres a lot of stuff on the desk, and the desk itself is covered with brochures and other marketing material. The man behind the desk seems to be busy, but he lets you sit down at the table and get comfortable. Would you like to buy one of our products. Would you be so kind as to tell me a little bit about yourself.

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