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If you decide to visit our beauty store, it will actually be my sincerest thanksYou press the button. You take a second to breathe in fresh air and adjust your collar, pulling it off so you can breathe freely in this dank, dark dungeon cell. You know youll probably catch a cold from this, but you wont mind getting a few hours of sleep. You walk carefully around the corner to the other side of the cell door, and peer out the window to the alley outside. The night sky is clear and sky is clear and you can see far off mountains in the distance. You step inside the cell, shutting tightly behind you, and lock it. You pull off your pants and shirt, and strip down to your underwear. You turn on the candle that is nearby and sit cross-legged on the floor of the cell, spreading your legs to expose your pussy and start stroking yourself. You moan and moan, as the candlelight dances across your pussy. You put your head against the wall and close your eyes, letting the burning candlelight wash over you and through your skin. You open your eyes and look around the room, wondering who could be behind the door thats being opened and closed. Youre alone, in a dark, dank dungeon cell. Then you sit up, take off your shirt and pants, and show your exposed, dripping pussy to the candle. The candle emits sweet smelling smoke as you rub your wet pussy in the candle light, causing a shiver to run down your spine. The candle, now burning brighter and hotter, shines into your eyes. The candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle, the candle.

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