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The Haitian women have no chin, they always have a smile on their FACE and their ears are pierced. The ladies in Mexico wear their hair in braids and have pierced ears. The women on the Yucatan peninsula wear their hair in a ponytail and have pierced ears. The women in Hawaii wear their hair in a bun and are piercing their ears. Even the women in Antarctica wear short skirts and a small amount of jewellery. Women in India wear the longest scarf they can, which covers their legs and arms. They also wear pearls and bangles in their hair. Women in England wear shorter skirts and jewellery because their ears are pierced instead of having a smile on their face. You are the Queen, you should be helping poor old Uncle Ed. You have been through so much with him this week. He has asked you to do so much for him. He has lost so much and you have tried to help him through it all. Even though you dont like the idea, you are forced to do these things. Your mind is telling you to go to the north, to visit your brother Richard, but your body seems more inclined to stay home with your Uncle Ed. You hope he is feeling better soon. You also hope that he is getting the medicine that he so desperately needs. You leave the bedroom and go downstairs to where your guards are waiting for you. The queen is not at her bedroom; she should be here, but she is not. The guards search all the bedrooms and they can find no sign of her. The only thing that they do not find, is the Queen. She doesnt move, she doesnt move, one of the guards says. Are you really going to put your asses in that doorway and drag her in, only to find that you are nowhere close to her, when you could send us after her, by an even more direct route. Look, we need her to be here, and while I know that it will be a hassle and there is a good chance that she is dead, I still say that the most important thing is to save the man. There is a long pause in which the others consider what you have said. I would not do it to save the King, sir. I would do it because I love Richard, and I know that the best way to do that is to be here with him.

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