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The spaceport was about the only good thing about living on this ship, you couldnt get off for weeks. Even when you could, it was only on shuttlecraft, and they were always late. You did however have more time to work on your tan. You make your home in the loungeMaybe its the combination of alcohol and tanning lotion, but you werent exactly scared of most things. You were an outsider, so who cares if people thought you were weird. Or maybe you were just tired of sleeping on the floor of your room and decided youd rather spend the remaining hours of the ships life hanging out in the lounge, drinking beer with random people you ran into there. The lounge was probably the nicest area of the ship, and you had it to yourself to talk to your thoughts on the outside world. You wondered,Dont be so sure, you could just stay here and spend a happy life at the spaceport, its a great place to meet other like-minded folk. A small smile appeared on your lips, as you took a seat next to your new friend. Hey theres a nice ship youve got here, you shouldve had a better choice. I hear the most successful players on ships are usually the ones that save up the most money, and thats no way to live the man said, as his eyes flicked to the empty bottle by his empty mug. The man held up a hand, as you held up a confused stare. I dont know your real name, Im just gonna call you. Yeah, my real name is Doctor, but people think The Doctor is too pretentious, so it works best for me to stick to the nickname. As for why youre here in my lounge, thats just to sit and talk with me, Id be lying if I said I wasnt curious as to what kind of people you are. In my years Ive been traveling the galaxy, Ive only ever met a couple of people like you. You say youve only met a couple of people like me. Youre a rare specimen, a person without an established society around you, but youre not alone, you know that. The only reason why Im actually here is so I can ask you some questions, and ask you to be a participant in my.

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