Beauty Shop is a 2005 American comedy film directed by Bille Woodruff…

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You dont buy anythingNo, you dont want to listen to a film about a beauty shop. Instead you turn to the newspaper, which you keep in your hand and read while you sip your tea. When youre done you turn a page and read the same article over again, before you suddenly realise that it was all very interesting. Then you turn the paper over and see that youre holding a copy of The Economist. You look down at the newspaper, which you know is printed with gold leaf on the right side, and see the paper on the bottom of the page is marked New Zealand. Turning your attention back to the article, you read:After four days of torrential rain, torrential hail and a massive sandstorm, a group of five volunteers set out on a five-mile, 8km, trek to the famous Pukaki Beach on Wellingtons North Shore. As the group passed the beach they stopped and stood on a small sand dune, looking down at the beach below. I dunno, but it sure cant be that far away, isnt it. Youve never been here before, have you. This is our last chance to get at least a few views before the rest of the world heads into town. No, grinned one of the five as they began talking amongst themselves. Weve never been to this beach before, but weve been coming here since the day the place opened. The mans companion looked at his friend incredulously and explained, This is the beach of the Five Man Band. Its where we meet to play every Tuesday night. It had taken them all about five hours of searching to find a small, dirt parking space facing the beach. For the next hour of their journey up the road, a dozen or so of them sat around the little sand dune, talking. They wore baseball caps and had on long blue-gray T-shirts, with one of them sporting a long silver necklace. The last two men sat by the window, staring at the beach. Soon the five men were laughing and joking and pointing at various little rocks, pebbles and sand dunes on the beach. They even pointed out where theyd left their beach chairs, which theyd found out just a couple of days before. It had taken them a couple of days to come up with the best route for the road trip out here, and theyd spent most of that time.

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