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Cast and crew credits including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Cast and crew credits includingactresses directors writers and more. Cast and crew credits includingactresses directors and more. User Info: MrSaucyMrSaucy 1 year ago 9The casting call does ask if you are interested in any specific roles but you dont think any of them are anything that would make you a regular in an upcoming TV show. You still want to be able to do whatever you want but as with most things, its more than just money. 50 a day for the first 7 days of shooting. You can probably get by on that for the next few weeks. On day 9 though youll be going to the set and youre probably going to need a lot more than that. The next week youll probably be using gas money to support yourself and youll start looking into getting some kind of real job now. You have no choice but to continue making the same kind of food, the same kind of rent, and the same amount of money. You even decide to go to the same bar with the same friends you always have. You know with the small amount of money you make at work you could afford to go on a date or something, something to keep your mind off things. You go home and try to think of something else, but all you can think about is whether you can make it another week. You decide its not worth it to continue in this line of work. You start looking for some other ways to make money to support yourself after feeling defeated by the situation you find yourself in. While you were at your post apocalyptic job you realized you didnt want to live in an unorganized wasteland. You think about the future as you think about trying to make the best out of your current situation. Thats when you decide to start selling things on Craigslist, of course you have to be.

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