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Im sure most of you will be eager to take this chance to leave your daily life behind and make your dreams come true of becoming a star, but if you dont have ambition, there is no way you can become anything in life. The best you can do is to attend a cheap school where you can make enough money during your free time to cover your tuition. T exactly like the teacher, he had a knack for pointing out interesting subjects at a fairly affordable price. You got the idea to make a little money by selling your pictures to other people. You could save your money and use it to attend school to become a photojournalist. Re capable of doing something more than selling pictures on the Internet. The more you sell, the more you make. However, you do have an important question to ask. Ve made your decision to ask Heather some questions. Hey Heather, do you know where I could go to find a cheap college. Ll be able to meet other people like me and start my photography career. The school has a couple of dorms for local photographers to live in. They also have a few places where you can sell your pictures. T still live independently if you want. You can come and go as you please. Why do I need to pay for college when I can just take classes online. Re still on the hook for your tuition, though the school does have an online system in place that you can access, so you don.

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