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Please press Ctrl-F5 to refresh the page and try again. Please hold the Shift key and click the Refresh button to try again. Im going to be straight with you; Im not a woman. I mean, I didnt grow up with this sort of knowledge or lived with these sort of cultural and social norms. My father is Jamaican, my mother is white, and my grandparents lived in Ohio for a long time before coming to the United States. Im not sure where Im supposed to start, to be honest. I mean Ive kind of learned along the way what not to do. But Im just wondering, is it okay to be a pervert. I mean, thats all Ive ever been, and I keep thinking if I change Ill just turn into a girl. Or maybe I could just turn into a boy and I wouldnt turn into a girl. Am I supposed to change genders just to get laid. I really want to get off this damn internet. Sincerely,Man Who Wants To Be A WomanDear Man Who Wants To Be A Woman,Im really glad you came to me instead of some pervert forum, or a guy-on-guy dating service. Im glad you came to me, too. Im very glad you showed some self-awareness and decided to talk to me. Ill just say it, straight to your face: Man, Im in your corner. As a guy in favor of equal rights, you are on the right side. For all I know youre a straight guy in denial. Either way, Ill be here to back you up. You are a girl because you know that there is a biological basis for gender. AdvertisementThats right: Your feelings are a biological feeling. You may have had all the best sex you ever had because of it, but it is nothing more than that. It doesnt matter whether Im in favor of equal rights, because I will always be.

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