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Okay, now that we got that out of the way, you say, walking over to Chihiro and pulling him into a hug. He grabs you by the hand, and you both of you walk outside and up to a car. S very rusted looking, but Chihiro doesn. T know where to go, or even where you are, but you know you have to find a place to stay. T know where to go, but I know I have to find a place to stay. Re going to have to spend the next few hours driving around town, looking in the abandoned houses and businesses, and searching for a place that. T worry though; we can find something. After a few minutes of driving around town you start going up and down out of the driving. S way, and eventually you and Chihiro are looking for a place to stay. Re really not seeing anything out of the ordinary. S a run down old building, with no windows and covered floor to ceiling, it does have a small porch in front of it though. T really look like it could ever be of any use for a purpose other than being abandoned. It suddenly occurs to you that this place might be one of the shelters that the city was giving out and that maybe they gave rooms to people who could use them. You see a few empty rooms in a fairly clean style of home that looks to be of the cozy family kind with a lawn and trees surrounding it. S no way that this place is ever going to be functional for you of if you were to live here it would. Ve been at the mercy of a powerful man who wants to own your body and that. S just one of the problems you have that would definitely be enough to.

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