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There are many beauty poemsto feel good.

I dunno, Im feeling a little more relaxed. Im going to sleep in the damn car in the fucking parking lot. Dont worry about it, Im not even the type to get distracted. I need to find some way of calming myself down. Time for me to take my mind off of everything thats going on. I need to get my mind off of everything and just focus on you. Wait are you going to tell me what you want to do. You cant just keep going through this, Im supposed to help you. You want to see me beg for this, okay. Ill make sure to get you off before you do it. You can jerk off and cum in my ass. Ill show you, Ill show you. Gets in the bed for a closer look at some of your poetry Oh my god. Im going to the party, get some more of that alcohol. I mean, the party tonight is going to go on until I have to wake up. How am I expected to get any sleep if Im always awake. What if I need to get some sleep in a little more than a little while. Ill go with you to the party to get a little of your sleep. Okay, you can go back to being awake and trying to ignore everything. Just let me go back to the poetry. Its so great being able to be with you again.

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