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From katewoodman12 sent 23 minutes agoi love that name that you got there. Thanks for the compliment on my username, im always happy to see more people following my board. Anyway, i just wanted to talk about something entirely different now, something that i have been wanting to talk about for awhile, just never could be quite sure of how to start. Ive been in love with someone for quite a long while, i met her once when we were both in the army and she was stationed at my place just outside of kentucky at the time and we became good friends. We broke up after we transferred out of kentucky and spent the next few years together, we were very much in love, and i didnt know how to handle things when one day we had a baby together. We had the baby when she was stationed overseas at a base in afghanistan, and later in the year when she transferred back to the states she had the baby here in kentucky. Its funny, but we both liked to keep up on military information, i knew everything about my fiances base and her unit, and she knew a lot about mine and her other unit. She would talk about it so much that sometimes we would argue about what was happening on that base and she would not tell me anything anymore except that it was always a great success. That lasted until she deployed again with her unit to another base in iraq. She told me she never told me the exact reason, but she said they started to receive a lot of hostile fire there and the commander there wanted to get rid of all the pregnant female soldiers, so they just all got shipped off in mass. She said the commander said the whole point of the exercise was to see if they could get rid of all the soldiers with children. Obviously he was wrong about that, he was just trying to look out for his troops, but it was still an interesting and sad story to her on how she told me about it, thats why i ended our relationship. As for the baby, im assuming it was a boy, because she gave me the babys name along with the name of the mother. Apparently her name was kate, and her maiden name was stone. Anyway, i was going to ask you some questions on about your military experience and your military service as well, since i remember hearing about it from an old co-worker of mine who served in the navy, and i think itd probably be interesting to hear about it even if it was just an old story. Anyway, thanks for chatting with me, you can contact me anytime if you have any problems. -Katelyn You continuei wasnt going to ask much more of you, but you seemed determined to contact me again so you continued chatting with me on iChat and on.

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