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I didnt know we had so many pretty ones. Im not on facebook to see your photos of me. Im sorry I cant see more of you. I was just sort of looking, um, you know, for a picture of you. And I thought it might be of you if you werent here, because I have so many more pictures of me on my computer, uh, than there are of you, so if you werent here, I might have thought you looked better. I thought I had plenty of pictures of you on my computer, so why would you think I was interested in a photo of you. And it would be really creepy if you thought I was interested in a photo of you. And thats why Im just going to leave. Okay, Im going to the mens room, and Ill be back. I also appreciate the fact that youre the first person to accept me. Well, its really nice to be accepted, thats what its all about. I dont really know what youre doing here, but thats no reason not to accept you. I mean we dont really know how much time is left, do we. We could spend the rest of our lives here and never see each other again. Thats not a bad life, thats just bad timing.

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