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A stigma is a negative stereotype or stereotype about a certain group. It describes someone or something that is not to be associated with the group. A stigma can be an ethnic group, a sex, a nationality, sexual orientation, a country, a religion, or even an individual. It can be based on true or imaginary traits and behaviors. The term is often used less pejoratively by some of these types when describing stereotypes. However most of them do use the word stigma. I was different, I liked a different kind of music than they did, and I had other interests. DavidStereotypes affect the way people view themselves and others. They are not only negative stereotypes, but the negative opinions and negative beliefs about a certain group can lead to the negative stereotypes that that group exhibits. Such as being lazy, lacking in self-esteem, or being violent. There are also negative stereotypes about what those with a stigmatic trait should do or be. For example, the stereotypical black man is not a successful man or a good father. There are a lot more than just black men and violent fathers though. There are all kinds of stereotypes that describe people in a negative way, so it may not even be a stereotypical trait. Sexually Transmitted InfectionsThose with the STD are always dirty, diseased, and for other peoples entertainment. They have sex for pleasure, not to provide for their partners or their communities. These stereotypes are only used to reduce the suffering of the persons with these STD. The person is promiscuous, and their behavior is not in line with the behavior of a proper person. Homosexuality is not a sexual preference, it is a lifestyle that many individuals choose for any number of reasons. Immigrants do not integrate into American society, because they are seen as trying to destroy it. Immigrants are not to be integrated into American society because they are more inclined to want to live here than be assimilated. Immigrants are often trying to adapt and find a better life, however in.

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