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The more popular you are, the more beautiful and sexy you can become. The beauty beauty beauty sections are filled with all kinds of beauty and fashion. There is the beauty beauty beauty beauty section. The beauty section also contains various things to help you improve your beauty. There are a few others things, but you dont even have the energy to look. Of course you dont want to miss out on the latest fashion topics too, so you look at the latest fashion magazines as well. You click on a few of the latest fashion trends and see that it isnt quite what it used to be. You also see that the beauty section has changed its layout somewhat. There are also some new categories now. But not quite quite in the way it once was. You click on one of the new categories and it takes you to an advertisement page. You know it doesnt make much sense, but then youve been here way too long to be paying much attention to this kind of thing. You click on the advertisement and the page opens up into a new window. That damn fashion section didnt even have anything like this here. You are the most beautiful and all things beautiful are yours.

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