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I love my babies and the most beautiful thing is to give myself to love and to love and to love and to love. Mitrray1, on at 1:29pm PDTThat last quote, about love and the most beautiful thing is giving yourself to love, is not particularly new to Ray, who tweeted about that sentiment back in January. The singer-songwriter even posted a few other quotes in January about the same thing. Im not exactly sure how Ray is defining beautiful and nature, but it sounds like he doesnt really think it matters. He also tweeted a couple of pictures of him singing at a concert in Florida last summer, which would seem to contradict the song title, Beauty. Anyway, this is all just some pretty blatant marketing ploy from Taylor Swift to get us all to buy her new album. If there are going to be any actual songs that might make some kind of sense, like Iggy Azaleas Fancy, which she said shes been writing lyrics for theyre not anywhere to be found. Hands down, this is the most shameless and obnoxious move by a pop star in decades. I wish I were at all surprised, since Swift has been a relentless pop star for the past 15 years. It was only a couple years ago when she sold out Yankee Stadium, as well as a bunch of her music. She also did the same thing with Red and even more recently with Look What You Made Me Do. While all of this is pretty bad, Im also sort of surprised that she hasnt started posting new photos on her Instagram. Not only are those still fairly scarce, but she also has yet to comment on anything thats happening in the United States with the President. MikeBrunkerMore celebrity news:Are You Really Excited for Taylor Swifts New Single. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Adele and More Perform Formation at Super Bowl 50 Halftime.

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