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You just shake your head and dont say anything. You open the doorYou open the door and see a middle-aged man standing in front of the door. He has a scruffy white beard and wears dirty overalls. You have to admit, as long as you think this guy is old enough to be your grandfather, he seems like he could be your uncle Tom from Upstairs Downstairs. You can see no badge on him, but you sense he has not been truthful when he says he is from the town hall. T seem to mind as he lets you in and closes the door behind him. He lets you in and closes the door behind him. You ignore the knockYou ignore the knock, and continue walking through the city. T they be focused on doing so and not wasting time looking around for their next target. You pass by a large wall with a lot of cracks and crumbling in the center. You pass by a group of children playing in the street. Are probably on duty right now, keeping an eye on things.

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