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TheBeautyPiece IsThe BeautyPiece The BeautyPiece The I cant help it if these reviews are really what you want. You really want to go to a spa in the middle of winter where the temperatures are probably nearing the high for a year, but you need to save the money if you can. If there are other places you can get treatments at that are at least a few miles away that arent going to cost you your life savings just to not get sick, you will take that bet. However, there are also places that are like those 3-star reviews you just read and only cost you a couple hundred dollars a month, but when you actually get here it is a complete piece of shit. You are sitting in the waiting room of this place when a guy walks in. His face looks pretty well groomed, but you know he is not going to get a shave anytime soon. You dont know why he is here. He sits back down on the chair and says something along the lines of, I need to do this, but I dont really understand what you need to do. You nod and start to explain the situation to him, and the fact that you are a young professional that needs to save money for the future. He listens intently, and he also looks a little hesitant at first.

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