Beauty marks

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S just a fancy name for our skin color. Some of us look more like we might be part-giant or some shit. S been hidden away to make people less attractive. S actually a pretty common thing that exists in the animal kingdom. To us that meant going to a salon so we could get bleached and have our skin lightened. After that was done, we felt a little better about ourselves as a group. Some people started to smile more and everyone was generally less depressed and withdrawn. We were also becoming more outgoing and social. The problem with that, was the more we became normal, the more we started looking at each other in a sexual way. Or go looking to have casual sex on his own began to do it on the regular. At this point the rest of the club was starting to talk about us. Of course most of us who had the mole looked less attractive and not attractive in general. The rest of the club would congregate in one of the bathrooms or in one of the small rooms in our dance floor and have a group fuck. S friends, and fuck them all as if it was nothing.

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