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SortBy-date:asc You wait a dayYou decide to wait a day and see what the reaction is by others. You are about to head on home when you get another message from the other girl. Hello,I really do enjoy the way I look in my makeup, but I know I should put more effort into it. I was wondering if you would suggest I try something new in the order of eyeliner and mascara, or something similar to make the eyes more open and filled with life. I have read so much good feedback about your makeup. I want to give it a try when I can without anyone knowing what I am doing. I have a couple of hours before my friend comes over. Thank you so much for your time,Your nameYou have a headache and a little dizziness that feels lessened by the alcohol. Youre so high or sick, you dont even care. You stumble out of your tent and down the hill, towards the river. A tree blocks the path, but you ignore it. You need to pee, youre going to die someday anyway. You have no more choice than anyone else. A small stream flows beside the trail below, you find it far too easy to pee in this warm spring, and you piss over the side. You get your shorts and shirt wet from the stream and take a long drag of your cigarette before you finally get the shit out of the stream and continue your piss-soaked hike. Your stupid, stupid, stupid beer is really helping you.

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