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You say nothingYou decide against saying anything and just continue your walk through the forest. T feel like talking with any of them. You decide to go home and rest for a while. After a few minutes of walking down the road, you reach the intersection that was the bus stop. On the side drives by and then another blue minivan. You say and then you jump into the minivan as the driver starts up the engine. Re still a little too tired to walk that far. S probably better if you just stay at home and relax. After spending the rest of the day at home, you fall asleep. Ve decided to take it to the next level with the next chapter. But more specifically with my transvestite tendencies. M still haunted by some old, deep-seated demons from childhood. T think I need to tell you who those are or why this is an important story to tell. T already been said in other stories.

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